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    Category: Miniature Wargames | By Andrew Hubback | March 13 2012 | 12:29 pm

    It’s not often that wargaming gets into the news – and that is largely a function of the poor PR skills of the average wargames manufacturer.  The daddy of them all is Games Workshop which has a firm policy of not communicating to the media.  Seriously, there is a uranium enrichment facility in Iran that is more forthcoming about what it’s up to than GW.  It was a surprise, therefore, to see this story about the company on the BBC website:


    It’s all rather Panglossian stuff – and is sure to stir up a hornet’s nest in the blogosphere – but I had to laugh at this line:

    “How many other British companies, for example, could report a 40% rise in their latest half-year pre-tax profits?”

    The answer to that is ‘practically any of them if they lay off a large chunk of the staff including the people that made the whole thing possible in the first place”!

    In the space of 12 hours, the BBC’s story has generated 350 comments, including one from a Mr R Priestley of Notts, who says:

    “Now you’d think after all these years the beeb would dig out the chap who invented the game wouldn’t you! Ah well… nice to see Warhammer 40K is still around and obviously retains its ability to enthrall, challenge and entertain after 25 years. I only wish I could say the same :)

    I feel your pain, Rick!